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New York SOHO Tower

2013  New York

Migrating formations is an architecture attempt to examine the building organization which is a highly integrated formal and spatial system where form is resulting from their adaptation to performance requirements: in this case, structure, program and building enclosure.

Taking the idea of “Rift line”, the panels shift causing by geological collision, the intervening of different programs in the
building is the major driving force of the overall formation. Public space, lobby space, office, hotel rooms and sky hall are cooperated into one system by means of tectonic unit transformation. This leads to different attributes in different parts of this 35 stories tower.

Cooperated with engineers, structure is another emphasis in response to the architecture function. The central core is splitting into two opposite supports to free a 5 story lobby space at the bottom of the tower. As well as on the top, supporting structure transferred from interior core to exterior trusses, formed a sky lobby that brings light deep into the structure. Here structure is not only an passive way to erect the tower, but also part of the architecture to emphasize the program shift inside.


Formation Diagram


Building System Diagram


Ground Level Lobby Space


Ground Level Lobby Space


Tower Structural Model


Tower Hotel Interior

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