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Platform 248 游戏咖啡厅

Platform 248 Game Coffee

2018  San Francisco California

Platform 248 游戏咖啡厅的设计灵感来自于王家卫电影《2046》中的车站,一个连接过去和未来,虚拟和现实的空间。


Taking inspiration from Wong Kar-Wai's film <2046>,  the project revolves around the concept of transience, transporting players from reality to a fantasy world where games take place.


The Café offers four major stages where events unfold: 1) the Platform where people gather and board, 2) the Train that travels between the present and the imaginative worlds, 3) the Dining Carts where passengers encounter one another, and 4) the Pods (game rooms) that bring one to the spiritual realms. 

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