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Regla Cable Car Station in Havana

2013  Havana Cuba

The Cuba studio is trying to re-activate the central bay area in Havana through a series of architecture projects along the shoreline. The building proposal is a transportation hub that connects two populous regions around the bay which were separated apart by the water.

This mix use building consists two major volume. The top layer contains two cable car stations, while a ferry terminal and a tourist center is located at the lower portion. The building sites on northwestern part of Regla region in Havana and connects it
directly to the old city. This would significantly shorten the travel time between those two major residential areas around the bay.
Together with the ferry, it could bring large numbers of tourists from old city to this newly developed area and further boost the local economic. This will increase its importance as a center for tourist and transportation in Regla in the future.

The architecture draws its inspiration from the beloved balcony space in Havana. All the programs in the floating “urban balcony” is pushed to the back in order to provide a large free space for panoramic view. The bottom structure depicts the billowy Caribbean Sea. When facing a city like Havana, an architect needs to think more than just program and function. In a society that is perplexed, sensitive and under huge pressure, the building is trying to speaks out its attitude and position.


Architecture here is not merely a structure for function, but a promise for the people in a fading society about their future, and more important, about their dreams.


Site Plan Havana Bay Plan




Major Roads and Public Space


Costa and Ferry


Railways and Terminals


Bus Routes


City Figure


Building System Diagram


Building Plans


Ground Level Interior Space


Ground Level Ferry Boarding Platform

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