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Above the Forest, Above the Cloud

2020  四川 成都

“林茂水阔,天人合一”, 林盘是川西居民和谐处理建筑和自然环境的绝佳例子。一方面,它反映的是传统居住空间和自然环境“采菊东篱下,悠然见南山”的紧密关系,另一方面,林盘也展现了中国传统文化中“物化的自然”这一普遍概念, 即自然并不是一个独立的元素,而是人们改造,利用和文化投射之后的结果。





“The forest is lush and the waterway is broad, this is where you see the harmony of men and nature”, LinPan is the perfect constructed example showing how the local western Sichuan residents organize buildings and environment. One hand it shows the ideal relationship echoes between dwelling and nature, like an ancient Chinese poem “I picked a chrysanthemum near my house’s east fence, while seeing the South Mountain peacefully faraway”. On the other hand, “Nature” in Chinese context is not
an isolated element, but a consequence of people’s utilize, transform and culture projection, we call this “personalized nature”.

From the prototype of LinPan, we are trying to approach two subjects in this small building, they could be further concluded into 2 perspectives:

From Nature to Building: we expect building become part of nature. This building should possess a vague massing and a soft boundary, nature flows in and out of the space, there is no clear definition of built and unbuilt.

From Building to Nature: we hope this building provide an alternate way for people to encounter the surrounding environment. Here, nature is an experience rather than an observation, it tells its own story through four seasons, time, and light, building only serves as a silence stage.

The use of I-mesh material also provides us the possibility to present a soft and transparent architecture existence, like a piece of could floating between the forest. With this proposal, we hope to tell a traditional
western Sichuan LinPan Story with contemporary architectural language, bring new vitality to this beautiful site.

“物化的自然” 中国山水画中自然中的人文影响和文化投射

“Personalized Nature”, even in the most remote landscape you could see people’s influence and culture’s projection


Building,Grove and Rice paddy, LinPan is a complete ecology system how the local Sichuan people utilizing nature environment


Site Plan


The soft and translucent ground floor blended within the surrounding environment


Trees and skies are reflected in the pool, with a trail meander in-between


Exterior, interior and courtyard space are blended together through the transparent building envelope 

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