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2021  浙江 嘉兴









Architecture competition for water tower renovation at South lake, Jiaxin, China​

As we believe, the best way to honor yesterday, is to bring it function and meaning of today.

Utilize the original structure’s height and load bearing capability, we are proposing to transform the existing water tower to a new observation tower for Jia Xin’s South Lake area. People can get close, touching and feeling the historical texture of the old tower as walking up the stairs; when reaching the top, the grand view of south lake will unfold as the 32m-height viewing platform will be the highest point in the region.

The main addition composes of a grid of 20x20mm square steel tube, which anchored back to the existing concrete structure. This new and fine-texture material is a contrast tribute to the old water tower concrete. From far away, it looks like a cloud surrounds the existing tower. Telecom poles are located at the top of the elevator well structure, easy for accessing and maintenance.

The overall volume of the structure resemblance the Arabia number “1”, representing the historical site location for the Chinese Communist Party’s 1st national congress meeting. With the inspiration of Russian constructivism language, translucent Acrylic lighting panels are interweaving within the structure grid, like a flame rising and dancing. This echoes Mao’s famous statement at early stage of the party’s history: “A single spark can start a prairie fire”: this fire starts right here in Jiaxin’s south lake and prevalent to the rest of China.

We hope the renovated water tower not only provides a public sight viewing location to local citizen and tourists, but also become a embodiment of an important history meaning for this specific site, and further a new culture symbol for the Jiaxin City.


Formation Reference: Russia constructivism Painting and architecture


Site Plan


Water Tower Front Elevation


View towards the central island


Water Tower Roof Plan


Night view at the park


View from the South Lake central island

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