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The Knot

2022  浙江 嘉兴




The significance of the Bejing-Hangzhou grand canal relies on connection. Geographically it connects the south-north water system in China’s majesty land, and culturally it also serves as a connection between the history and today’s modern city. The design of “The Knot” pedestrian bridge bears the concept of connection. The simple yet elegant span derives from the woven silk of local Jiaxing while the overall shape of the spiral ramp takes reference to the button element in traditional Chinese clothing, the “Pan Kou” knot.


We hope this bridge will bring both sides of the canal together like a knot, connect the pedestrian traffic through Jiaxing’s old city culture axis to public open space around South lake. Also it serves as a piece of modern manifesto for the historical grand canal.


Jiaxing's Transitional Boat and the "Pan Kou" Knot


Bird's Eyeview


The "Pan Kou" Knot that connect both side of the Grand Cannel


South Cannel Bank Entrance


Yuanhu Road Entrance


the knot gaps the height difference between bridge’s two spans,

while creating an interesting spatial experience

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