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超链城市 - 杭州市钱塘高铁站城市设计

The Hyperlink City - Qian Tang High Speed Railway Station Urban Design

2023  浙江 杭州

十方建筑受邀参与杭州市钱塘高铁站新城的开发设计。我们以江海新城的整体区域规划为基底,以钱塘高铁新站的建设为契机,提出超链城市(Hperlink City)有机蔓生的城市概念,让城市未来交通结合富有活力的社区生活场景,构建具有烟火气息的未来钱塘枢纽城市新中心。

Atelier Dimensions was invited to participate in the urban design project of Qiantang High-speed Railway Station in Hangzhou. Based on the overall regional planning of  Hangzhou's"River - Ocean New City" and taking the construction of the new Qiantang high-speed rail station as an opportunity, we propose the organic urban concept of Hyperlink City, which combines future urban transportation with dynamic community life scenes to build a pedestrain-oriented city block, while bearing the memories of Hangzhou's local culture heritage.


Development Target

超链模型: 轴 - 点 - 面

The HyperLink Mode: Axis - Point - Area


West Arial View


At Main Entrance of Qian Tang Railway Station


Vibrant Station Square


Pedestrian Friendly Commercial Area


Well-sized city parks


Diverse urban open spaces


South-West Arial View

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